I’m changed after attending EAT Stockholm Food Forum for two full days

Well hello again, this time in English!

For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m LSU’s Swedish Youth Representative to the UNs HLPF on Sustainable Development 2016. This means I will be attending the high-level forum in New York 11-20 July this year.

Being a youth delegate, or representative, really does have its perks. For example, being fortunate enough to attend 2 FULL days, June 13-14, of EAT Stockholm Food Forum. I’m writing this post in English so it hopefully can reach more people because as one of the speakers said: ”Knowledge comes with a responsibility to act” – Bjørn Kj. Haugland. This is one of the ways I’m trying to act.

EAT aims to “…stimulate interdisciplinary research by fostering collaboration across the multiple scientific disciplines interfacing with food issues, in order to improve nutrition and food safety, as well as tackling global health and environmental challenges such as the epidemics of obesity and non-communicable diseases, climate change and degradation of ecosystems.”

So simply put, EAT focuses on food issues like production, distribution, consumption, nutrition and climate impact just to mention a few. EAT is a platform for all kinds of actors to meet, share ideas, learn from each other and then take action in transforming their work environment, all aspects of it, to create a sustainable society. The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are a huge part in achieveing this.

What really freaked me out was the fact that livestock’s farming is the main contributor to carbon emissions (40%)… And here I was feeling guilty for taking the car when I could walk. What I, and all of us, should really feel guilty about is our over consumption of food, our food Waste AND eating soooo much meat! Oh and also, 1,9 billion people are overweight while 0,8 billion are starving… Just imagine the amount of people dying because of our overeating which also happens to kill since alot of health related issues comes from being overweight or obese…

Oh my god, I can’t even…

I have no idea how to sum up what else I heard and learned in short so I’m just going to stop… ALL of it was amazing, every single second!

Here is the link to EATs facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/eatforum/?fref=ts

Like and watch the available videos from this years EAT forum!

PS: Jamie Oliver attended! And also, I tweeted alot from the forum during the two days so check out my twitter: @RomianaB

I’m want to end this post with the words of Ellen DeGeneres; ”Be kind to each other”.


Professor Johan Rockström, Pavan Sukhdev

Professor Johan Rockström, Executive Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre. Pavan Sukhdev, Founder & CEO, GIST Advisory

Dr. Anthony D. So

Dr. Anthony D. So, Director, Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

Femi Oke

Femi Oke, Journalist, Al Jazeera, Moderator


Me in the white shirt with great people!


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